Atlanta Step-One

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

                                                "Commitment and passion are the trademarks

                                                          of everything I've done in my life."   

                        A career Coaching  service that provides an immersive English language course.

Atlanta Step-One, LLC on behalf of its manager is a company with the philosophy of helping small business and the liberal professional to emerge in the competitive market by expanding the vision and business opportunities as well as guiding to stand up to the challenges of the globalized world. Knowing that in the present day  and in the future it is still necessary to communicate in English Atlanta Step-One has created a special and unique program in English as a second language to enhance the development of those who want to be part of a group of successful people and performed professionally. This is an immersive hands-on English language course that helps prepare you for your professional future. Atlanta Step-One also offer assistance with wholesale and tax free shopping.


Many schools might offer lower prices but REMEMBER we are committed and focused on a different type of course based on a variety of American cultural experiences to provide a pleasing of learning the language,  faster than a traditional English School.  





      Regina Teixeira

      Founder & CEO